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Saturday, September 17, 2011

10 things not to do on your overseas vacation

10 things not to do on your vacation overseas

1.       Don’t fret about leaving something at home.  If it’s important enough, they’ll have one for you to buy at the airport. If it’s clothes, then all the better reason for shopping. (Does not count for passport or driver’s license)
2.       Don’t take work folders with you. Electronic might work if you need something, but these days you can get someone to transmit it to you.
3.       Don’t expect everything to work on schedule. Plan for alternative transportation in case your plans are disrupted. Think strike or reservation failure.
4.       Don’t forget to turn off your smartphone data plan. By the time to realize it’s on in a foreign country your bill make already be in the stratosphere.
5.       Don’t expect your bank or credit card companies to approve all your withdrawals and purchases. Call your bank and credit card companies and let them know your departure and return dates.
6.       Don’t think you won’t lose your wallet or purse. Make a scan of all your credit cards, passports, driver’s license and email it to yourself. That way you can bring them up at the hotel or police station in case of loss or other emergency.
7.       Don’t think there’s no risk getting money out of any ATM you find. Get your money out of ATMs located in or next to a bank branch or in the airport secure area. Less opportunity for someone altering the machine and grabbing your information.
8.       Don’t think your US phone will work in another country without planning ahead. Get a local sim card for an international capable phone so you can make and receive local country calls.
9.       Don’t just use the hotel telephone system to call home. Use a Skype account to talk to others around the world at no cost, or very little cost if they don’t have a Skype account.
10.   Don’t help others and assume it’s every man or woman for themselves. Pass these suggestions onward to others and add your own recommendations. Send me a copy.  Jim at AdviceOnly Dot Net