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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So now its time to start a blog

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and now it's time to begin a blog.

First order of business is to define the purpose, scope, intent and audience for this communication medium.

Purpose: Periodically spend some time composing and transmitting some idea, concept, facts or other useful information for my readers. Explain what I see as the impact of the topic under discussion or its ramifications.

Scope: Financial planning topics should provide enough freedom and constrain my enthusiasm for pontificating too far afield.

Intent: Provide useful information and calls to action when appropriate.

Audience: Those who might be searching for some new idea, or rehash of an old idea with a new twist when it comes to personal finance. Might be interested in my story telling about how others have achieved their goals, or have been twarted and want to discover how so they can avoid the same mistake(s).

So let's see how we can go from here. It will be interesting how we integrate Facebook business page, twitter, YouTube blogs and now this: Advice Only Musings.

Your faithful writer and editor, Jim

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