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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Andy Made Me Do It

You have probably enjoyed listening to and watching Andy Rooney.  Me too. I’ve read a couple of his books.

Andy didn’t always understand what was going on, and neither did I.   His introductory sentence, “How come….” always got my attention. I sensed a fuss was coming.  Andy was a person I could identify with as I ended watching an hour of investigative reporting on 60 minutes.  Yes, I miss him.

In my daily life, mostly involving financial services, I come across a fair amount of products and actions that I just don’t understand.  Human behavior probably fits in this category too; in fact it either is producing some consequence or is a reaction to some event or product pitch.  You know what I mean.

I find myself frequently asking myself the question in my mind, “Why would they do that?”  It could be about someone’s purchase of a financial product or a news report about an SEC investigation.  I suspect others like me have a similar reaction because of your personal observation or reading the financial news.

So I’ve decided to change the direction of my blog, Advice Only Musings, in a fussing sort of direction, much in the style that Andy Rooney might have done if he was a financial advisor/observer.  You may now switch the dial if this does not appeal to you.  However, you do this at your own risk of missing some important and useful fussing.

I’m not going to fuss in this first edition other than announce the change of focus as I observe the comings and goings of products, promotions, styles, and behaviors as reported in the press or other medium including my personal observation.

If you too ponder these seemingly strange occurrences in our daily financial lives, I’d appreciate your input and feedback.   I appreciate the interaction with clients, colleagues, acquaintances, and general correspondents as we travel this road of making our dreams come true, or seeing them dashed on occasion.  Maybe a fuss or two will help you avoid the later.

Until our next engagement, here’s to greater understanding, as Andy would have it.


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