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Thursday, February 6, 2014


Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues:

For several years, you’ve probably known that Anna Sergunina was my exit strategy.  In 2008, we developed a plan to transition to the next generation slowly or, worst case scenario, immediately in a crisis.  Well, the crisis has not happened (thank you very much), but phase two is being implemented slowly, but not too slowly.

On January 1st Anna purchased all the remaining 95% of the shares in our corporation that she did not own and is now the owner of the business.  I’m the only employee.

We outsourced some of our detail work to registered paraplanner Kathy Watkins in Chicago and some of the administration, including initial client contact, appointment setting and follow-up to The Intelligent Office (IO) in Washington, DC.  Karen and Kyna are the two most common contacts you are dealing with at IO.

Anna is actively searching for CFP® planners to join us both here on the east and west coasts.  I will be the trainer.

My plans are to work full time for the next few years, but at some point I will stop taking on new clients and just help the new planners with their new clients.  I will continue to service existing clients as long as they have confidence in my skills and I’m able to provide answers to their questions and help them make good financial decisions.

I will continue my blog and my radio show and my tweets. Thank you for a wonderful 12 years as the founder and owner of MainStreet Financial Planning. I couldn’t have done it without Anna, and now she can’t do it without me (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself).

Sincerely, Jim Ludwick                               

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